E-Waste & Battery Recycling
at The Good Guys

E-Waste & Battery Recycling
at The Good Guys

& Battery Recycling
at The Good Guys

Want To Recycle
Your E-Waste?

Want To Recycle Your E-Waste?

If you've got tech or small appliances you want to recycle, The Good Guys can help!

Our convenient in store E-Waste recycling bins are being progressively rolled out across participating The Good Guys stores to help you responsibly dispose of old tech and small appliances.

Need a large item recycled? Selected stores will have larger e-waste cages to cater for large screen televisions. For other larger items, an easy home collection can be organised for you.

Home Recycling Collection

Home Recycling Collection

Got a large appliance to recycle but can't get to a store? Click below to book a recycling pick-up from your home. For every booking, 5 meals will be donated to Secondbite to feed people across Australia doing it tough. Fees apply.

In-Store E-Waste Bins

In-Store Battery & E-Waste Bins

Our in-store recycling bins are now available at selected stores. Drop off your old phone and household batteries in the provided E-Waste bin or speak to a team member for bigger items including laptops and tablets, as well as small appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves.

In-Store E-Waste Cages

In-Store E-Waste Cages

Some of our stores offer larger e-waste cages, perfect for accommodating big-screen televisions. Click "SEE LOCATIONS" for a list of participating stores.

Did You Know ... the average Australian generates 23kg of E-Waste each year.

E-Waste Items Accepted In Store For Recycling

OOur in-store E-Waste recycling program is free to all customers, and The Good Guys will accept the following products regardless of where they were purchased:

Computers – laptops, printers, tablets, keyboards, mice, accessories
Home entertainment – DVD/CD players, streaming systems, cables, receivers, power boards
Cameras – cameras, handheld video recorders, chargers, lenses, security systems, drones
Lifestyle Electronics – speakers, radios, headphones, well-being equipment, smart home
Appliances – toasters, kettles, small microwaves, vacuums, coffee machines

Please remember to remove all personal data from your product before dropping off (see tips below), and please note some size restrictions apply for our in store E-Waste recycling service, please make sure your product is no larger than: 450mm x 450mm (wide/deep) and no taller than 1000mm (for products such as stick vacuums). Some of our stores have larger e-waste cages to cater for large screen televisions. Click here for a list of stores.

Computers & Accessories

Home Entertainment


Smart Home

Small Kitchen Appliances



Small Microwaves

There are a few products we are unable to accept at our in store E-Waste recycling service, due to size, space, and safety considerations:

E-bikes & E-scooters
Batteries from E-bikes or Scooters
Car Batteries
Power Tools
Bulky appliances - such as fridges, big microwaves, washers & dryers etc. See above for home collection.

Did You Know ... recycling E-Waste means valuable materials such as - gold, silver, copper and aluminium can be retrieved and reused in the future.

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It is important to delete any personal data from your products BEFORE you bring in for recycling. All information will be destroyed in the recycling process, so we recommend that you back up any information you wish to keep, and factory reset the device.

To learn how to delete data visit your product manufacturer website for more information.

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Trade-in your old tech at The Good Guys to give it a chance at a second life and receive an instant gift card to spend on your next purchase. In four simple steps, you’ll get an online trade-in estimate and if you accept the offer, you will receive a trade-in eGift card on the spot.

The Good Guys E-Waste Recycling FAQs