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Taste the DeLonghi LatteCrema System difference

Now you can make the perfect cappuccinos at home with a DeLonghi coffee machine. The innovative in-built LatteCrema System creates creamy froth that’s just the right texture and temperature at the push of a button. Amazing coffee any time is now so simple.

Perfect at home coffee has never been so easy to prepare

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Automatic Ease
Perfect coffee with just one touch

Better Froth
Removable container for fridge-fresh froth

Compact Design
The integrated milk jug saves space

Easy Cleaning
Auto-cleans with a dishwasher-safe milk jug

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Automatic Ease
Programmable settings make it easy to make your coffee and milk drinks just the way you like them at the push of a button.

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Better Froth
The LatteCrema System only warms the milk needed for each coffee; the rest stays cold in the removable milk carafe so you can put it in the fridge. Fridge-fresh milk always makes better froth!

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Compact Design
DeLonghi coffee machines with an integrated LatteCrema System milk carafe are designed to be compact so they save space and look elegant in the kitchen.

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Easy Cleaning
Just turn the milk carafe froth knob to CLEAN and the rinse cycle will use steam and water to hygienically clean the machine parts used to prepare the milk.

The LatteCrema System inside DeLonghi coffee machines makes perfect milk-based drinks ¬– whether you want a silky smooth texture or a creamy dense froth.

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DeLonghi’s passion for coffee, design talent and technical expertise has created a fully automatic coffee machine that makes the perfect cappuccinos every time.

DeLonghi’s technicians have carefully refined the formulas for a perfect mix of:

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Perfect Density
The LatteCrema System makes perfect, soft milk froth with a compact body and microbubble surface.

Perfect Creaminess
For a cappuccino to be creamy the foam needs to be 1.5 times greater than the liquid – the LatteCrema System has a perfect ratio of 1.6.

Perfect Temperature
The perfect cappuccino temperature should be around 60-65°c.LatteCrema System provides the perfect temperature in every cup.

...Until the last drop!
The LatteCrema System makes long-lasting foam so you can enjoy frothy milk until the last drop.

The LatteCrema System technology behind the taste

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The perfect, fast, best-in-class coffee cup results are thanks to the new and improved technology of two separated hydraulic circuits and high precision electronics.