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Girl using her Chromebook laptop to project on TV in a family home.


There's a new way to laptop … Featuring Chrome OS, an operating system made by Google - you get a powerful system at your fingertips, opening up a new world of possibilities. Designed to be used seamlessly and with ease, it's ready when you are.

Father and daughter using their new Christmas present, a Lenovo Chromebook.


Features of the Chromebook
Great for Study

The Must-Have Computer

10 Reasons students and families should switch to Chromebook.

Girl using her Chromebook laptop in a living room.

The Everything Button

An Everything Button? Sounds too good to be true, but Chromebooks have one button that will help you find what you need - and fast. Everything you need, all from one place.

Family taking a group selfie with their Chromebook at their daughters graduation.

Family Link

Meet the Family Link app from Google. Set digital ground rules for children using Chromebooks, such as screen time limits and adjusting their account settings.

Two women practising yoga outside with their Lenovo Chromebook.


The perfect feature for those on-the-go, be able to swipe, tap and scroll (whatever way you want!). Note: form factor and touchscreen availability varies by device.

Chromebook sitting in grass outside.

Simple Set-Up

Making the switch to Chromebook is easy! All you have to do is log into your Google Account - all your Google Drive files and Chrome preference will follow!

Close up of 2-in-1 Chromebook folded as a tablet.

Automatic Backup

Don't loose any of those important docs again! When using Google Docs, Sheets or Slides - the Google Drive will automatically save (when you’re connected to the Internet).

Shot of family using a Chromebook at Christmas.

Long Battery Life

Work and play with up to 12 hours on a single charge! So, no need to remember your charger. Note: battery life may vary based on device, usage and other conditions.

Features of the Chromebook
Ideal for Working At Home

Father using his Chromebook with this daughter at home.

Security, Built In

Chromebook values keeping you and your data protected. Featuring built-in virus protection and secure support for multiple users, you will get the peace of mind you deserve.

Front on shot of a Chromebook.

Picture-In-Picture Viewing

A multi-taskers best friend! Chromebook has picture-in-picture viewing with the most popular video apps. So you can catch up on emails, whilst watching your fave TV show!

Two Chromebook 2-in1s side by side.

Microsoft Office-Compatible

For those Microsoft® Office lovers, whether it’s Word or Excel®, you can easily find the apps on the web. Additional functionality available with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Father and daughter using Chromebook to take a selfie at Graduation.

Offline Access

No Wi-Fi? No problems! Pre-download content and enable offline access for documents, presentations and emails to view offline.

Man typing on his Chromebook.

Instant Tethering

Who doesn't like staying connected? Chromebook's Instant Tethering will keep you connected to your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, automatically.

Girl using her Chromebook in family living room.

Ready When You Are

Want the latest software (without all the hassle)? Not only do Chromebooks boot up in seconds, they also update automatically - without interrupting!

Note: Check product Technical Specifications for specific features.

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