Discover The Newest Smartphone That’s Good For Your Eyes And Your Wallet

April 11, 2024

On the hunt for a mobile phone that’s affordable, loaded with high-performing tech and easy on the eye? The latest releases from budget-friendly brand TCL tick all the right boxes – literally! On top of their sizeable storage capacity, lightning-fast charging, superior sound and AI-powered cameras, the flagship model from the new TCL mobiles range is even looking out for your eye health with innovative, paper-like screen tech.

“TCL’s NXTPAPER screen tech is a game changer, especially for people who spend loads of time looking at their phone. And let’s admit it, that’s most of us,” says John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobiles and Plans.

“Keeping eye comfort front of mind, TCL has created a world-first matte, paper-like screen that helps ease eye strain, cuts glare and reduces harmful blue light without sacrificing usability. It’s clever tech that’s affordable and looks great.”

Here, we dial you in on the groundbreaking new tech and explore the other must-have features of the new Android TCL range.

Two TCL images portraying the paper like screen of TCL NXTPAPER smartphone

Easy On The Eye

Streaming your favourite shows on your commute, lengthy scrolling stints or killing it on Candy Crush is a seamless, soothing experience, thanks to TCL NXTPAPER. Available on the TCL 40 Nxtpaper 256GB Midnight Blue, the technology not only helps kick eye strain to the kerb, but also keeps your screen fingerprint-free. Win!

So how exactly does the tech work? John Wong explains: “TCL NXTPAPER screens are slightly textured, which eliminates that glare-causing reflection we’re used to. TCL’s mid-range phones are looking out for your eyes too, with NXTVISION screen tech that changes the phone’s display in response to your surroundings. That means whether you are browsing in bed with low light or are out and about in full sun, you’ll be getting a clear, vibrant image that you don’t need to strain to see.”

A front, side and back view of the TCL NXTPAPER smartphone in midnight blue

Memory Magic

The dreaded “memory full” message is history with TCL mobile phones. They’re equipped with enough storage to house all your apps, playlists, games, videos and music.

But, when you need more, TCL has got you covered. The brand’s 128GB phones can accommodate an extra 512GB via a microSD card – that’s over 400,000 12MP photos, or over 166,000 3MB songs – while the 256GB models offer an extra 2TB. So when you get snap happy while making new memories on that epic Euro trip, there’ll be no holiday time sacrificed decluttering your phone.

A product image of the NXTPAPER TCL Smartphone in midnight blue

Battery Bonus

TCL’s powerful, long-life 5010mAh batteries give you on-the-go freedom from carrying around chargers and cables and that “where’s the nearest power point?” panic.

When your phone does run out of puff, you can juice up in a hurry with 33W ultra-fast charging capacity on TCL’s 256GB models. You’ll be back to 50 per cent charge in as little as 30 minutes,1 leaving you to power through your day.

TCL NXTPAPER smartphone

Photo Perfection

Even if you’re no top photographer, crisp, quality shots are just a click away with TCL mobiles. For studio-quality photos even the least confident photographer can achieve, you can’t beat TCL’s main 50MP AI Triple Camera on the TCL 40 Nxtpaper 256GB Midnight Blue. There’s a night mode for low-light moments, a high-pixel function for deeper details, a macro camera for sharper close-ups, and an ultra-wide camera for group shots, which means bad photos are a thing of the past. And with a 32MP AI-assisted front selfie camera at your disposal, you’ll capture top-notch, flattering, ready-to-share selfies every time.

An image of a person taking a photo using the TCL NXTPAPER Smartphone

Luxury Looks

Who needs the cinema when your phone gives you big screen energy? Enjoy vivid, cinematic-style visuals courtesy of supersized screens, ranging from a 6.75" HD+ screen on the brand’s 128GB phones to a 6.78" FHD+ screen (aka extra Full High Definition) on the 256GB models.

Surround Sound

Listen up – TCL phones come equipped with enhanced dual speakers that offer high-quality sound you’d think was only offered by expensive brands. Treat your ears to an immersive, multi-dimensional auditory experience courtesy of TCL’s DTS-certified 3D Boom Sound feature. Available on the TCL 40 Nxtpaper 256GB Midnight Blue, TCL 50 SE 256GB Space Grey and the TCL 50 SE 256GB Midnight Blue, this 3D boost is rich, clear and crisp, with a volume that’s loud enough to hear your favourite tunes while vacuuming.

Ultimate Connection

If you’ve been wondering how to stream from your phone to your TCL TV, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to do it…

First, find Settings on your TV, select Connected Devices and turn on Screen Mirroring. On your phone, access Settings, tap on Connection and Sharing, select Cast and choose your TCL TV from the list of available devices. Voila!

“Keeping eye comfort front of mind, TCL has created a world-first matte, paper-like screen that helps ease eye strain.” John Wong, The Good Guys Buyer – Mobiles and Plans

Is TCL A Good Brand?

You bet. You might be familiar with its well-priced TVs and soundbars but in recent years, TCL has punched way above its weight with some of the best wallet-friendly smartphones that easily hold their own in the ring amongst pricier competitors. The brand even won the CES 2024 Innovation Award for Mobile Devices – a knockout success by anyone’s standards.

After a high-tech, affordable smartphone? You can’t beat a TCL. Visit The Good Guys in-store or online for the best advice on your new device.



¹ Battery data based on results from internal lab tests. Actual battery life varies by personal usage.

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