Sports Alert: How To Optimise Your LG TV Settings For Game Day Magic


May 28, 2024 – 3 min read


We’re calling it – 2024 is a slam dunk for sports fans, bringing big action across the board. Between the world’s elite athletes battling for gold and European soccer showdowns, plus all the at-home footy action, the Year of Sport calls for high-performance home entertainment. So you don’t miss a beat, now is the perfect time to upgrade to a bigger – we’re talking 80 inches plus – better and smarter TV.


Enter LG, with its A-grade 2024 range of ultraslim superscreens. Packing a punch with gold medal-worthy sport streaming apps, next-gen OLED and QNED screen tech, and AI-powered processors, these LG TV screens deliver that front-row feeling so you can absorb every action-packed moment from the comfort of your couch.


In this handy guide, John Milonas and Tony Brown – the top TV experts from The Good Guys and LG – team up to help you find your perfect-fit LG smart TV. Plus, we reveal the need-to-know steps to optimise your TV settings for unmatched sports viewing.


Let the games begin!

Image of LG TV in living room displaying a soccer game.

What Is LG’s Best TV For Sports?

When the world’s top athletes go for gold in the pool and on the track, we’ll be keeping a 24/7 vigil around our TVs. All-hours viewing calls for a screen that performs in any light, and for that you need an LG OLED evo screen.


“From the 2024 range, the OLED 4K evo C4 Smart TV delivers better-than-ever brightness and AI-powered processing that perfects clarity and amazing sound performance for your unique room conditions,” says John Milonas, The Good Guys Buyer – Televisions.


“If you watch a lot of sport on TV, this TV is going to keep you enthralled with blacker blacks, bright whites and wide viewing angles so you can have the whole crew around for game night. And because every pixel illuminates one by one, LG OLED TVs can display even the most fast-paced sports with less motion blur.”


Shop The LG OLED EVO C4 TV Range

LG 77" OLED 4K EVO C4 Smart TV 24

LG 65" OLED 4K EVO C4 Smart TV 24

Product Image of LG 65" OLED TV next to image of LG 65" OLED TV in living room.

Get Big-Stadium Vibes With LG Sports Mode

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen an unprecedented surge for premium entertainment, with global sporting events and new release shows captivating Australians,” says Tony Brown, LG General Manager of Home Entertainment Marketing & Content Business. “Our commitment remains firm: delivering leading edge viewing technologies and seamless access to all the content Australians know and love.”

That commitment resulted in the game-changing Sports Mode, beloved by armchair sports fans and available on selected LG models.

“By selecting Sports Mode from your Picture Mode settings, you’ll switch on enhanced motion-smoothing, so you’ll never need to squint to follow a ball across the screen,” says Tony. “Colours are vivid, so you’ll never miss a red card; and increased contrast means you’ll clearly see the number on your favourite player’s jersey.”

And while you’d be perfectly fine just plugging in your LG OLED 4K EVO C4 Smart TV and letting AI perfect your settings, there are some sports-specific features you can enable for next-level action.


How To Turn On Sports Mode On Your LG TV

  1. Press the SETTINGS button on your LG TV remote.
  2. Select PICTURE MODE.
  3. Select CRICKET.


Never Miss A Goal With LG Sports Alerts

Keen to stay up to date on your favourite teams even when the kids are watching cartoons? With Sports Alerts enabled on your LG TV, you’ll get notifications when games are about to begin, as well as real-time scoring alerts and final results – neatly displayed via a notification banner at the bottom of your screen.

“Our Sports Alert setting was designed with diehard fans in mind,” says Tony Brown. “With so much great sporting content available on streaming and free-to-air and often with overlapping game times, Sports Alert lets you stay up to date with the important games and stats when you can’t tune in to every minute.”

So, you could be watching the press conference after the cricket but getting on-screen alerts to let you know the half-time score in the footy. Big win.


How To Turn On Sports Alerts On Your LG TV

  1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.
  2. Select the Sports Alert app on the Launch Bar.
  3. Select the teams you want to receive alerts for.
  4. Return to the Sports Alerts home page, select one of your chosen teams and select Set Alarms.
  5. Select which reminders you want to receive – Game start alarm, score alarm, result alarm.


Twice The Action With LG Multi-View

Your LG OLED 4K EVO C4 Smart TV has the perfect solution for those frustrating clashes in game times. If you want to watch the soccer and keep an eye on who’s ahead in the car racing, simply power up Multi-View. This allows you to split the screen to show two programs from different sources at the same time. Now that’s a winning play!


How To Turn On Multi-View On Your LG TV

  1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV Remote.
  2. Select Multi-View.
  3. Select Side by Side or Picture in Picture.
Lifestyle image of G 65" OLED 4K EVO C4 Smart TV 24 in a living room.

Ready to switch on to an epic year of sports with a superscreen made by the sports TV experts at LG TV Australia? Visit The Good Guys in-store or online to find your perfect-match screen.

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