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Buy the best stand mixers in Australia online or in store from The Good Guys. You’ll get a good deal on our range of stand mixers from leading brands such as Smeg, Kenwood, KitchenAid, Sunbeam and more. Stand Mixers are designed to take the time and hard work out of all your mixing, dough kneading, whipping, pasta rolling, and meat grinding. These small kitchen appliances are stylish, durable and easy to pack away and store after use. Whatever your preferred brand, feature set or price range, whether you’re whipping cream or mixing batter for a cake, you’ll find the right Stand Mixers and Food Processors for you at The Good Guys.


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Stand mixers are a must-have item for busy bakers. Find out which might be best for you.

More than for just mixing cake batters, whipping egg whites and kneading doughs, we've answered some common stand mixer questions to help you decide on a favourite.

What can you use a stand mixer for?

Prized amongst bakers, stand mixers are well known for kneading bread and pizza doughs, whipping egg whites and mixing batters for cakes.  A stand mixer is a countertop kitchen appliance that can consistently and thoroughly churn ingredients in large quantities over a long (or short) period of time, which takes the hard work out of mixing tasks. They will do a more thorough job than you could do manually, regardless of experience or skill, and can do most of their work unsupervised.


The variety of attachments for modern stand mixers will add a lot of diversity to the appliance, making it much more multi-function. Most come with the standard inclusions such as a dough hook and whisk, however there's a multitude of stand mixer attachments for making homemade pasta and noodles, mill grains, grind meat for mince or sausages, spiralise vegetables, juice fresh fruits and vegetables and even churn homemade ice cream.


These sorts of attachments will vary between different brands and models – and most will need to be purchased separately – so remember to check before buying.

Can you use a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer?

Hand mixers and stand mixers both make beating, mixing and whipping easier. Hand mixers are a more portable and a less expensive appliance than a stand mixer and are great for mixing batters, whipping eggs and butter and even mashing potatoes. Hand mixers can be used in any bowl, whereas stand mixers require a compatible bowl.


Hand mixers come with a pair of removable metal beaters that are suited to mixing, whipping and beating tasks. They can do a lot of the primary jobs that a stand mixer can do without the same degree of thoroughness and the extra versatility that stand mixers can bring (with the right attachments). It depends on what you'll be making, but for a batch of cookie or pizza dough you'd need a stand mixer over a hand mixer.


Whilst they are easier and more thorough than mixing with a wooden spoon, you will still need to hold and move a hand mixer. If you do a lot of baking, then you will start to notice your arms getting sore or achy. For people with an injury or disability that will make handling a hand mixer strenuous or difficult, stand mixers provide an easy alternative. Check out our mixer buying guide for more info on the different types of mixers.

How long will a stand mixer last?

Although stand mixers tend to be one of the more expensive small kitchen appliances, their versatility and durability make them a great investment. Many of today's models are constructed out of solid die-cast metal and come with 5- or 10-year manufacturer warranties. With the right care, many customers will tell you their mixer lasted 10-25 years or more.


When using your mixer try to increase the speed gradually and give the machine a warm-up run if it has not been used in a while. This will move the lubricant through the engine before putting it to work. You should also aim to have the gears in your stand mixer re-greased at least once a year.


You should clean your mixer after each use to keep it in good condition. This is easy as removing the beater attachments and the bowl and washing them by hand in a sink with warm soapy water. Many bowls and attachments are also dishwasher safe (just check the manual first). Always remember to turn off and unplug your stand mixer before cleaning. Wipe away water and air dry before storing.


What should I look for in a stand mixer?

Stand mixers are larger and heavier than many other countertop kitchen appliances, so you should consider the available space in your kitchen carefully before buying.

Given that many of today’s models have aesthetics worth showing off - like the classic Artisan KitchenAid stand mixers or the 1950s retro Smeg stand mixers with a suite of matching appliances for effortless kitchen benchtop styling - if you have the space, it may be easier to buy a model that adds to the kitchen décor and leave it out in full display.


You should make sure a stand mixer has a substantial variety of speed settings. Around six speeds should be enough to cover kneading, folding, mixing, creaming, beating, whipping and aerating. A sturdy beater, scraper, whisk and dough hook attachments should also be included for this.


Many stand mixers have a tilt head; meaning the head of the mixer (with the engine and mixing attachment) lifts up and away from the mixing bowl for ease when adding ingredients or taking the mixed ingredients out of the mixing bowl, such as these Kenwood stand mixers for example.