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Bose Headphones

Woman waiting in airport with her Bose quiet comfort 45 noise cancelling headphones hanging on her suitcase.  | The Good Guys
Man reading in library with his Bose Noise Cancelling 700 headphones on.   | The Good Guys

Features of Bose

Woman wearing her Bose quiet comfort headphones whilst taking a photo at the beach.  | The Good Guys

Exceptional Sound Quality

Enjoy exceptional sound wherever you are. Bose headphones feature incredible clarity and amazing noise cancelling tech so all you hear is your music.

Bose Headphones | The Good Guys

Built-In Voice Control

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 feature built-in voice control, just say the Amazon Alexa wake word or press a button to access Google Assistant to ask away.

Woman skateboarding whilst wearing her Bose quiet comfort headphones. | The Good Guys

Up To 24 Hours Battery Life

Enjoy up to 24 hours1 of crystal clear sound with perfect noise cancelling from a single charge with the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones.

Woman looking up whilst wearing her bose quiet comfort headphones.  | The Good Guys

Controllable Noise Cancelling

Adjust your Bose headphones noise cancelling settings on your headphones or have more precise control via the Bose app.

Woman studying at home with her Bose 700 headphones | The Good Guys

Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity

Feel the freedom of wire free with complete confidence that your Bose headphones feature a reliable Bluetooth range of up to 9 metres. You can also pair your headphones to two devices.

A lady wonders the markets in the Bose 700 headphones.  | The Good Guys

Clear Phone Calls

The clever microphones built into your Bose headphones picks up your voice no matter what's going on around you for perfectly clear voice calls - wire free.

Note: Features and technology may vary on each model - please check Technical Specifications for more information

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Bose Earbuds

Woman ordering coffee on the street in her bose quiet comfort earbuds.  | The Good Guys
Man sprinting in his Bose sport earbuds. | The Good Guys

Features of Bose

Man doing woodwork whilst wearing bose noise cancelling earbuds| The Good Guys

Secure & Comfortable Fit

Your Bose earbuds come with three sizes of StayHear™ Max tips so there's a size for everyone. The tips are soft and flexible providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Woman roller-skating and enjoying music in her Bose noise cancelling earbuds | The Good Guys

Up To 6 Hours Battery Life

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds have up to six hours of continuous play time from a single charge. Time for a top-up? Connect to a USB-C or wirelessly for an additional two full charges.

Man answering a phone call with his Bose earbuds | The Good Guys

Simple Touch Control

Change the volume, play or pause music and answer calls without reaching for your phone - Bose earbuds feature simple and intuitive tap and swipe functionality.

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Sweat & Weather Resistant

Bose earbuds have been designed to resist moisture from sweat and weather. The delicate electronics are carefully protected so you can keep listening all workout.

Woman talking on the phone through her Bose Wireless earbuds.  | The Good Guys

Take Calls On The Go

Bose earbuds feature tiny, powerful microphones to project your voice during calls without needing to yell, while cleverly filtering out external noises, you will hear perfectly.

Note: Features and technology may vary on each model - please check Technical Specifications for more information

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Bose Frames
Audio Sunglasses

Woman answering the phone through her Bose Frames audio sunglasses. | The Good Guys

1 Battery testing was conducted by Bose with active noise cancelling on and in continuous audio playback at 50% volume. Battery runtime is based on typical use and may vary based on usage.