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Introducing the range of 2024 TCL TVs, featuring the latest technology with thoughtful design. Enjoy the premium features of a TCL Mini LED TV, QLED TV, and 4K Ultra HD TV and experience immersive gaming and entertainment like no other.

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Spotlight On TCL Mini LED TVs

The TCL C755 and C855 series are game-changers in home entertainment, thanks to their advanced Mini LED technology. The C755's 144Hz refresh rate, AIPQ Processor 3.0, and Dolby Vision IQ deliver ultra-smooth, crisp visuals. With IMAX Enhanced and QD-Mini LED, your movies and shows burst to life with vibrant colors and stunning clarity. The C855 series goes even further, offering thousands of Mini LED local dimming zones for unmatched brightness and contrast. It packs the same powerful AIPQ Processor 3.0 and IMAX Enhanced, but adds Onkyo audio for an immersive sound experience. These series are designed to turn your living room into the ultimate home theater. Click the 'Read More' buttons below to find out how TCL's Mini LED TVs can transform your home entertainment setup.

Features Of Mini LED TVs

Note: *Technology may vary - check product Technical Specifications for more information.

Real Reviews About TCL TVs

TCL 65" C845 Mini-LED

Anna's Customer Review

"Every thing is very clear. I can also watch tv with the blinds open on the window without any light ruining the picture. Even the dark parts of a movie can be seen."

TCL 75" C845 Mini-LED

Helen's Customer Review

"I love the clear picture, the sound is great and it is very easy to use the remote control."

TCL 65" C845 Mini-LED

Michaels's Customer Review

"TV runs menus as smooth as major brand even as fast as the PS5 menu. Quality of image is awesome, of course it's not QLED black however the other imagery is better."

TCL 75" C845 Mini-LED

Carol's Customer Review

"I like that I can download all my streaming apps."

More Information on TCL Tech

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TCL Televisions

TCL Mini LED Televisions: A sci-fi scene is displayed on a TCL Mini LED TV in a small living room.

TCL Mini LED Televisions

Bring imagery to life with a TCL Mini LED TV and experience the bold vivid colours of Quantum Dot Display technology. Prepare to be captivated by stunning visuals brought to you by innovative Ai-Picture technology as well as Dolby Atmos surround sound technology designed to put you in the middle of every scene.

TCL QLED Televisions: A video game character is displayed on a TCL QLED TV in a modern living room.


Experience premium picture quality without compromising design with TCL QLED TVs. Be immersed in the moment with 4K UHD and experience the centre of sound with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Not to mention, TCL's high performance and smart operating system - Google TV with handsfree voice control built-in.

TCL QUHD Televisions: Artwork of a flock of birds on the ocean is displayed on a TCL QUHD


Remove the limitations set by old technology with a TCL 4K Ultra HD TV. Featuring Dolby Atmos surround sound technology and High Dynamic Range for automatic optimisation of picture quality, brightness and contrast frame-by-frame for a truly immersive experience, this TV will keep you immersed like never before.

TCL Soundbars

TCL Soundbars: A TCL soundbar plays music from a concert on a TCL TV.

TCL Soundbars

Dramatically improve the sound you get from your TV with a TCL soundbar. Sleek and powerful, TCL soundbars are easy to connect to your TV and work with a variety of AI assistants, making this a hands free experience you can enjoy.