Upgrade your world with 5G

5G is the next generation of mobile phone networks and it will change the way you access the internet and connect with the world. With a 5G enabled smartphone, you can say goodbye to jumpy video calls and annoying lag, and hello to faster downloads and the ability to share HD content in seconds.

5G Features in a Nutshell

Faster is Better

Faster is Better

Basically, 5G mobile technology means speed and lots of it. Faster downloads for what you love, and enough speed to share HD videos and photos with everyone.

Let Go of the Lag

Let Go of the Lag

You’re playing your favourite game then the lag hits. Not with 5G. Faster speeds reduce latency, so your gaming will be smoother than ever.

The World is Your Office

The World is Your Office

Working from home or the local park is now as fast as ever with 5G. Better hotspot capabilities and more devices off the same connection will keep you working.

Stay Online with a Backup

Stay Online with a Backup

5G enabled devices work with all pre-existing networks to ensure you can stay connected to your friends and family all over the world.



Discover The Next Generation Network, That Leaves Lag Behind

As the 5G network matures, it will be faster, more responsive and have higher capacity, so you can get more out of the network.

Working From Home Works Better with 5G

As working from home becomes the way of life for many Australian households, it’s never been more important for employees to have a fast, consistent internet speed. The Good Guys will show you how 5G will change the way you work at home for the better.

The huge data streams that 5G allows, means you can be confident your 5G enabled device will provide you with the required speed and capacity you need to get your work done.

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5G Technology Glossary

Check out the below to get clued up on all the 5G jargon before you start shopping.


This refers to the amount of data a network can handle. Whether it’s downloading 4K movies or video conferencing with an entire company, our network will need a higher capacity than ever before, and 5G can fulfil those needs.


A mobile network can only handle a set number of devices, this is known as density. When too many devices use a network the speed will slow down. 5G dramatically increases network density, allowing more devices to connect simultaneously.


All mobile phone networks including 5G send signals using the electromagnetic radio-frequency spectrum. 5G operates across three main frequencies.
1. Low-band: low speed over long distances
2. Mid-bad: high speed over medium distances
3. High-band: very high speed over short distances


Also known as Long Term Evolution, LTE is a form of 4G which is slower than standard 4G but significantly faster than 3G.


Measured in Hz, the spectrum refers to the frequency in which a wireless network operates.

The ‘G’ in 5G

‘G’ stands for generation, making 5G the fifth generation in mobile networks.

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The area in which a device can connect to the network is known as coverage. Currently 5G has the lowest coverage of all networks but it’s growing rapidly. Fortunately, 5G phones can also use 4G and 3G networks, so you’ll always stay connected.


Downloading refers to anytime you transfer data from the internet to your phone. This could be an email on an entire movie.;


Also known as lag, this refers to the time it takes for data to be sent and responded to. Latency is most noticeable during video calls where you may experience awkward pauses or delays in conversation.


Mobility refers to how well you phone connects to a network while you are on the move.


This refers to how fast data can be transferred to and from the phone.


The opposite of downloading, uploading refers to anytime you transfer data from your phone. Whenever you send a photo or video in a message, you’re uploading it.

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See What Customers Think About the Latest 5G Phones

LG Velvet 5G 128GB

Will's Customer Review

"Good all round easy phone to use and a great price for a flagship 5g phone. Easy too use with one hand which is handy. Great camera and plenty of storage and all so SD expansion."

Motorola EDGE 5G 128GB

Ciaran's Customer Review

"This phone is responsive and fast. Sound quality surpasses other brands and the camera is excellent in all lighting conditions. A great entertainment mid range phone that feels and performs as a top end phone.

LG Velvet 5G 128GB

Patrick's Customer Review

"After a week I'm still really impressed with it's battery and speed, and can't wait to try out the 5G speeds when they hit my area. Very happy with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G

Seamus' Customer Review

"Performance like a gaming pc on the go. Great phone. Incredibly fast and makes taking notes a breeze.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Jason's Customer Review

"The Camera on this thing is pretty bloody good...as for everything else the phone runs well like all premium Mobiles and is lightning quick nice to see 5G whether we need it or not.

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