Keeping your home free of pet hair is easy with pet vacuum cleaners from The Good Guys.

Pet Vacuum Cleaners

Powerfully sucking up pet hair for an allergy friendly home

Pet Vacuums Features

Powerful Suction

Powerful Suction

Having a rolling brush inside the vacuum cleaner head removes stubborn pet hair from carpets, rugs and furniture. The only problem is that pet hair can get caught around the brush, which then takes time to untangle.

When a vacuum cleaner has more powerful suction, hairs won’t get stuck on the brush, they’ll be sucked straight into the vacuum, which is why most pet vacuums have more suction power than other vacuum cleaners.

Pet vacuum cleaners with a large straight tube give you the powerful suction you need. Available at The Good Guys.

A Large, Straight Tube

The size and straightness of the tube from the head of the vacuum to the body has an impact on how powerful the vacuum suction is. The bigger and straighter the tube the more suction power you’ll have for pet hair, and you'll avoid annoying brush tangles.

Vacuums with smaller tubes and bends in the tube won't produce as much suction power, which is really important for pesky pet hairs.

Pet vacuums with a rotating brush are great for carpets and rugs. Shop now at The Good Guys.

Rotating Brush

Do you need a pet vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush? That depends on the type of flooring you have in your home.

Having a rotating brush inside the head of the vacuum cleaner removes hairs from carpet and rugs as the bristles dislodge and lift hairs up into the vacuum cleaner, whereas a rotating brush may hurt wooded floors. Factor in your flooring when comparing different models, and see if the rotating brush can be activated for carpets and deactivated for hard floors

Pet vacuums with a HEPA filter is perfect for allergy sufferers. Available at The Good Guys.

HEPA Filter

No-one wants bacteria, mould and fungi floating around in their home. As much as we love our furry friends, their bodily functions can bring all these nasties into our houses. So how do we keep our homes hygienically clean?

If you choose a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter you’ll be able to trap 99.97% of tiny particles of up to 0.3 microns—so a vacuum with a HEPA filter is highly recommended for people with pets, especially when there are asthma or allergy sufferers in the house.

To find the right pet vacuum cleaner for your home, visit your nearest The Good Guys store.

Less Hair, More Love

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner allows you to keep your home and car clean and pet hair free. No-one wants every seat and surface coated in a thin layer of hair, or to see tumble weeds of pet hair roll past during dinner.

Keeping all of the factors above in mind when comparing different vacuum cleaners will help you choose one that ensures there's less hair in your home and even more love for your fur baby.

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