Bakery-fresh results at home - The micro-perforations on Perfobake tins and trays allow increased air flow so moisture can escape ensuring even pastry and crispy bread crusts every time. Shop Bakeware

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Quiche Tins

Perforated quiche tins made from high quality, non-stick coated carbon steel. The multitude of perforations all over these tins allow for really even cooking, and mean you can get pastry incredibly thin without it breaking, ensuring your baking will never be accused of a soggy bottom.

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Speciality silicone trays


Create most perfect individual tartlets, quiches and flans to impress your guests.


Mini Éclairs
Each mini eclair is just enough for two naughty-but nice bites... Bakes 12.


Helping to achieve golden, crusty baguettes whether home-made or shopbought part-baked.


Silicone Perfobake




Non-stick Perfobake tins