Welcome to My Dream Kitchen

From plenty of bench space to double ovens, some MKR favourites talk us through their dream kitchen and must-have gadgets.

Kelsey & Amanda

Kelsey: Her fantasy kitchen would be super-sized with a vast walk-in pantry and it would be styled in contemporary black and red or grey. "I'd have a coffee machine fitted into the wall and a cut-out in the kitchen bench where I can store all my herbs," Kelsey says. "I'd also like a big, old-style oven and my other must-have would be a Kenwood smoothie maker on the benchtop. I have one and use it every day to make my protein shakes." And what's Kelsey's favourite smoothie? "Banana, honey, some oats and a fat-burning protein," she says. "Good for you and delicious!"

Amanda: "I'm very lucky that I have my dream kitchen. It has lots of space and a long island bench that I love because we put stools around it and sit and chat," Amanda says. "And I have two Electrolux ovens with every option. So, if I do a roast, I can pre-set the time to three hours and know my meat will be roasted on time. Having two ovens is handy because I have a big family, we always have people over to eat with us and I can cook dinner while dessert is baking."

Damo & Caz

Damo: "A well-laid out kitchen, Caz's big Smeg oven and a dishwasher, such as a Miele or DeLonghi are key features of Damo's dream kitchen in his Tasmanian home. "You need space so you aren't working on top of yourself and backtracking. A thoughtful layout cuts out stress and wasted time as you cook," he says. "There's nothing worse than opening a kitchen cupboard to find something and everything else falls out. I think good organisation takes your cooking to another level." And the dishwasher is non-negotiable in Damo's dream kitchen. "The last thing I want to do after cooking for guests is to spend the night in the sink," he says.

Caz: "I've had plenty of time to think about what my dream kitchen will look like one day," Caz laughs. "We live in a Federation-style home so it would tie in with that style but be sleek and modern at the same time." Stone benchtops and a 90cm freestanding Smeg oven are essentials. "We have family around every Sunday night and cook a roast, so we cook a lot of food. A big oven so I can cook everything we need at once would be great," she says.

Mark & Chris

Mark: "You can never have enough bench space — so my dream kitchen will have a massive bench. I don't have anything like my dream kitchen yet," Mark laughs. "I'll also have a nice big pantry with a separate section for herbs and spices and a nice wide oven, so I can cook a big lasagne when my family comes over." Mark's dream oven would be a Smeg, Fisher & Paykel or Westinghouse. A Kenwood stand mixer is also a must-have appliance in Mark's kitchen, as is a set of quality pots and pans. "Good quality non-stick pots and pans can make a huge difference to the quality of your food and the flavours," he says.

Chris: "I love massive cooktops with fi ve burners and the oven underneath — so everything is in one place," Chris says. He's recently bought a house and is slowly setting up his dream kitchen. He adds that his cooking environment has come a long way since his early years of high school when he'd arrive home after class and whip up a bowl of two-minute noodles. "I have all my cooking knives on a magnetic rail and my pots and pans hang on display and they are all easy to grab," Chris says. "I love a double sink and an integrated dishwasher, too."

Source: Originally published in the Home Edition News Corp Australia