Microwave a whole chicken in 20 mintutes - Lekue kitchen tools make the most of your microwave for fast dinners and fuss-free lunches. Shop now

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Faster, convenient way to cook - The Lekue shallow steam case is silicone cookware for microwave steam cooking that retains nutrients and flavour. Shop now


Make a microwaved frittata in 12 minutes - This silicone Lekue Spanish omelette maker is a non-stick, double sided desgin to ensure frittatas and omelettes are cooked through with no tricky flipping required. Shop now


Excellent eggs in seconds - Just lightly coat the Lekue egg cooker with oil, add your eggs and other ingredients then microwave for easy poached eggs or omelette. Shop now


Four serves of rice in 12 minutes - This Lekue rice cooker has a specially designed lid that prevents contents bubbling over. Shop now