Kitchen Star Contestants


Bianca is a mum of three who believes that food should be quick, easy AND delicious. Her passion is to recreate sweets and treats in whole food ways for her blog - Wholefood Simply.

What’s your earliest memory of cooking?

Sitting on my Gran’s bench using old fashioned egg beaters to beat the eggs, rolling pins to crush biscuits and licking out empty tins of condensed milk!

What dish will make you famous?

My five ingredient Mud Cake – simple, delicious and every bit as good as traditional mud cake whilst being gluten and dairy free!

When it comes to food - who’s your celebrity inspiration?

I am inspired by the amazing and ever talented Stephanie Alexander. I find her work with the Kitchen Garden Foundation admirable and I share her passion for teaching children the joy of whole foods.

What’s the dish your friends always ask you to make?

Snickers Slice. Everyone loves it. Even the non-wholefoodies.


Emily is on a mission to take the confusion out of eating and as a trained Dietitian she helps people daily in navigating from fad diets to fresh eating with straightforward advice and yummy recipes.

Describe your cooking style?

Flavour. And then nutrition. The single most important factor for creating a positive relationship with food and your body is eating something that actually tastes GOOD!

What dish will make you famous?

My simple granola is so much better than any you can buy. Made with just oats, nuts, seeds, olive oil and golden syrup - so easy!

Who inspired you to cook?

Actually both my parents need to be given credit for my love of wholesome food. They have the most incredible garden on their property in Red Hill, full of veggies and fruit trees– and my Nanna was an amazing cook too. In fact, to this day I’ve never baked a sponge cake as I know it won’t compare to hers!

What’s your favourite food to eat?

Goats cheese. And Pomegranates. I could literally eat them at every meal and never get sick of these two ingredients!


Food Stylist and Event Director Jacob, is a self-proclaimed food-fanatic, whose passion is recipe development (and eating of course!). His goal: to make food shine in all its delectable glory!

What’s your cooking style?

I would say simple, seasonal, and not overly complicated. Cooking for me is more of an art.

What’s your earliest memory of cooking?

Good old White Wings cake mixes!

What dish will make you famous?

My apple and fennel slaw with crispy pork belly. The flavours are the perfect-lip-smacking-combination.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve cooked or eaten?

Where do I begin, I once made cheeseburger ice-cream. But I have eaten weird things like snake heart, ant eater, camel burger, crickets and haggis.


Jill is a fashion forward model, blogger and passionate home cook who adores food, shoes, her staffy and husband (not necessarily in that order!)

Who inspired you to cook?

My mum! She’d bake treats each week for our lunches and every night there was a home cooked two-course meal. I’ve always had an issue with gluten so she’d create bread and cakes for me, years before you could just pop to the health section of the supermarket and buy ingredients.

Favourite Food to eat?

Pizza or cheese & wine … wine’s a food group, right?

Describe your cooking style?

As I am vego now, my cooking has evolved to incorporate lots of different ways to get flavor into foods. I love to eat as healthy as possible but am not overly concerned with fat and carbs - it’s more about having fresh, balanced meals.

What dish will make you famous?

My gluten free vego, low carb lasagna. Although my hubby says that my full fat carb loaded version is equally as good!


Sara’s passion for home cooking and traveling to discover the world (and the food that it has to offer) has evolved from a humble personal diary into a well-known blog - Belly Rumbles.

What age did you start cooking?

From the moment I could walk and reach the kitchen counter. Mum had her hands full, thank goodness she was happy to nurture the cook in me from day dot.

Describe your cooking style?

Inquisitive, creative and experimental, founded in French basics with a lust for Japanese.

What’s the dish your friends always ask you to make?

If there was a favourite it would be my Cheeselova, which is the love child of a cheesecake and pavlova!

What’s your favourite food to eat?

Korean BBQ, anything Japanese and as my Instagram followers know, YUM CHA!!! I am a massive yum cha addict. So much so I am thinking of starting a support group!


YouTuber and actor Vincenzo is a devoted home cook whose passion for pairing traditional Italian cooking methods with the freshest ingredients is only matched by his incredibly infectious humour!

Describe your cooking style?

Old school Italian with a modern twist.

What dish will make you famous?

My fresh homemade tagliatelle smothered in pistachio pesto, with prawns and a lemony glaze. Bellisimo!

When it comes to cooking - who’s your celebrity inspiration?

Jamie Oliver because he is a great entertainer and because he is teaching the world how to eat fantastic homemade food.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

I did a Korean snack test taste video for YouTube once - and I got to eat Silk Worms. It was disgusting.