Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance

Concierge Repair and Maintenance

For a premium air conditioner clean and sanitisation service call 1300 748 190

The Good Guys Home Services can organise professional split system air conditioner cleaning for you and all work is fully guaranteed to give you complete peace of mind.

Premium Clean & Sanitisation
From $159
Your service includes:
  • Evaporator casing is hand cleaned
  • Filter is cleaned and sanitised
  • Evaporator coil is sanitised
  • Operational and remote checks are completed
  • Outdoor condenser coil is flushed
  • The area around your air conditioner is cleaned up
  • PLUS
  • Evaporator casing is removed
  • Evaporator coils are given a low-pressure clean
  • Low pressure clean of the blower and airwell
  • Condensate pan and drain are vet vacuumed
  • Evaporator casing is cleaned
  • Evaporator coils are blow-dried
  • Treatment is applied to evaporator coils
  • Outdoor condenser coil flush
  • The area around your air conditioner is cleaned up
  • Your air conditioner is completely clean and ready to use again.

Why maintain my air conditioner?

Professional air conditioner cleaning is recommended every year to:

Help reduce your energy costs

Increase airflow and efficiency

Remove mould and odours

Kill and remove harmful bacteria

The Good Guys Home Services air conditioner cleaning service make life easier and help keep your home humming along nicely

How do I buy an air conditioner clean?


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