Interpretation - “You”, “your”, “yours”, “customer”, means you or the Customer detailed in the form (if different). “We”, “us”, “ours”, “workforce”, “store”, “salesperson”, “The Good Guys” means staff at or appointed by The Good Guys store from whom you have purchased the Services. “Service (s)”, “work”, service appointment”, “scope of work”, means the Services performed or to be performed by The Good Guys as set out in the form.


The Good Guys or its agents cannot be held responsible for any pre-existing condition that is not apparent upon visual inspection. These conditions may include but not be limited to:

  • faulty Remote Controls, Exhausted Batteries or Corrosion
  • faulty Printed Circuit Boards in the Evaporator/Condenser
  • worn Airflow Louver Motors or Brittle Louvers / Filters due to age or Poor Maintenance
  • faulty or Deteriorated Pipe Installation or lagging, faulty or Damaged Electrical Cabling or Circuit Isolating Switches
  • condensate Pump Failure where fixed
  • any damage caused to furniture when assisting in removal to enable access to work site

The Good Guys will only accept claims with respect to workmanship of the services provided if the claim is reported within 7 days of completion of the work. In the event of a customer complaint, the customer undertakes to give The Good Guys or its agents the opportunity to rectify all work.

If the technician upon inspection, deems the unit to be nicotine contaminated, additional charges may apply in store or onsite.

The Good Guys Guarantee the indoor Evaporator Coils to be mould free for a minimum period of 12 months on Premium Services from the Date of Service. Customers must retain The Good Guys Sales Docket as proof of purchase to honour any warranty claim. Contact your local store for details.


To make a change or to cancel your booking, please contact the salesperson at the store where your purchase was made. You must provide The Good Guys with 24 hours’ notice prior to the scheduled Service, that you wish to cancel or reschedule a service appointment. If you do not provide The Good Guys with the required notice for the service, The Good Guys may at its discretion, charge you a cancellation or reschedule fee of $69.


The Good Guys will provide you with an estimate of charges prior to performing work that may apply if your Service requires any additional parts or labour. Payments for additional charges will be required prior to the conclusion of us completing the service. Payment may be made by VISA or Mastercard Debit/Credit card at, or by calling 1300 765 988. Payment cannot be made to the installer directly and The Good Guys Warranty will not apply to additional services or works that have been paid for with ‘direct to installer’ payments. Additional charges, fees and expenses may apply to services provided beyond a radius of 30 km from the store location where the order for the services was placed. Travel time, parking, ferry fees or additional fees and charges associated with installations for inner city, CBD and island locations must be charged to the Customer as an additional cost. The Good Guys do not include any parts or accessories (wall brackets, additional materials over & above allocated, etc) in the course of providing the service, except where specifically listed in the service scope description. Unless otherwise specified, delivery, decommissioning of existing units and removal of existing units is not included in the price.


You acknowledge and agree that, except for direct property damage that results from our negligence, under no circumstances shall The Good Guys be liable to you or any other person for any damages, including without limitation, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, expense, costs, data loss or corruption, or liability arising out of, or related to, the services provided by The Good Guys or the installation, use of, or inability to use your products, goods or other services. In consenting to the performance of the Service you agree to release and hold harmless The Good Guys, its agent contractors and staff from and against any loss, liability or damage that you may suffer, including but not limited to, walls, skirting boards, floors, etc. As subject to your statutory rights, under the Australian Consumer Law or other similar State and Territory laws, the liability of The Good Guys is expressly limited to repeat of the Service or the cost of the service being provided. For full terms and conditions of the service please visit our website


The Good Guys will use its best efforts to deliver timely service notwithstanding unpredictable scheduling volume spikes, unscheduled transport or sickness problems and other factors beyond our control, including but not limited to power failure, technical breakdowns and acts of God. The Good Guys will provide the service to the best of its ability, however, The Good Guys makes no guarantees as to the service quality nor does it accept responsibility and liability for ongoing service matters other than those provided for in these terms and conditions. If The Good Guys ability to render the services is impaired by your failure to cooperate or circumstances beyond the control of The Good Guys, The Good Guys may choose not to provide the services and where appropriate will provide you with a refund. Service can also be denied if dangerous or unhealthy conditions are present. It is your exclusive responsibility to dispose of any goods that will be replaced by us in carrying out the service.


The working environment in which The Good Guys is requested to perform the service must meet the respective Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) regulations in the applicable State or Territory. If The Good Guys reasonably believe that the environment does not meet the requirements of the respective State or Territory then The Good Guys reserves its right at its sole discretion to leave the service site and The Good Guys may invoice you for a service site visit.


The Good Guys have engaged an on-line booking service, Airtasker Pty Ltd ACN 149 850 457 (“Airtasker”), as its service agent to assist in the management of its obligations under this program and for this purpose, you consent to The Good Guys providing Airtasker with your contact details and information about the services you have purchased. To enable Airtasker to supply the requested services, Airtasker may utilise additional identity verification and payment facility services. Information on these services can be found at

You consent to all of the uses and disclosures of your contact details and information described in The Good Guys Privacy Policy which can be accessed at as well as Airtasker’s Privacy Policy which can be accessed at The Good Guys may use and disclose information about you to its contractors and installers and its other suppliers (including to any person situated outside Australia) for the purpose of:

  • Booking, co-ordinating and providing the requested service(s);
  • Taking payment for any additions to the scope of services as requested by you.
  • Offering additional or new products and services related to the products or services provided to you.
  • Providing services and benefits in relation to your Concierge Rewards

You consent to these parties contacting you or a new owner of the Services you purchased, including sending email, SMS, mail or making contact by telephone, for the purposes set out under the heading ‘Privacy’. You confirm you have the necessary authority to provide the information and to give these consents.

We have recorded your acceptance to the above scope, site detail and Terms and conditions. If any of the information contained within this email is incorrect or you do not agree to the terms and conditions in full, please contact the store you have purchased this service from, or call 1300 765 988 prior to installation.